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Vusta - Luxury Flooring
We proudly offer an exclusive and extensive range of Luxury Vinyl Flooring that replicates the beauty and texture of natural flooring. Using the latest technologies, Vusta have been able to develop and replicate the authentic appearance and feel of real wood and natural stone floors. Their products offer the best of both worlds allowing you to create a floor that oozes style and sophistication without breaking the bank. Whether you're looking for domestic or commercial application, the versatility of our vinyl floors provides the ideal solution.
Stylish & Affordable Flooring
These luxurious products will not fail to enhance the look of your interior. Available in a complete range of designs, effects and colours, our experienced sales team and technical experts are on hand are to answer any questions or queries you may have. One of the real selling points of Luxury vinyl flooring is its affordability compared to other natural floors. Why spend a fortune when you can have a floor that looks and feels as good as natural flooring, with even more benefits.