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Amtico Flooring


Carpetstyle are the only premium retailer of Amtico products in Northwood Hills and Watford. Being a premium retailer we have both Amtico Signature/Spacia's full range of colour and design on display.

We have been trading for 25years in Northwood Hills and due to the popularity of Amtico products, we have now opened a new store in Watford which has a dedicated Showroom for Amtico. We ONLY use registered Amtico and NVQ trained fitter, so you'll be safe in the knowledge you will get your 25 years or lifetime wear guarantee.


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The name Amtico is linked with quality flooring, using a unique method of manufacturing to produce natural finishes. Each product perfectly replicates the beauty of their counterparts. Amtico has some of the top designers to produce cutting edge abstract designs, ranging from metal like glints to bright colours, you are guaranteed to find something for every modern day design.

Amtico Signature is the premium collection of design-led flooring, which allows you to select from 188 designs and your choice of laying patterns. With its extra hard-wearing surface and Lifetime warranty Amtico Signature gives you total peace of mind.

Amtico Spacia is the ultimate timeless floor. Sophisticated, yet practical, hard-wearing yet elegant, Amtico Spacia combines aesthetics with outstanding performance. Amtico Spacia is an accesible range of flooring with a 23 years warranty, a hard-wearing surface and a palette of 96 products.


Amtico Signature allows you to style your own flooring. With 188 products to choose from, select one or as many products as you like and decide how you want your floor laying. Choose from a variety of wood, stone and abstract designs to create the look you want. Or why not opt for something beautifully simple and stylish, without borders and motifs. Whatever your style, Amtico Signature allows you to create flooring that's personal to you with the reassurance of visual quality, protective wear layer and a Lifetime warrany. It's not just versatility that sets Amtico Signature apart: highly durable, warm underfoot, compatible with underfloor heating and with a lifetime warranty.


Mirabelle creme & slate noire in checkerboard laying pattern with bevelled diamond and offset borders

Amtico Signature laying patterns add so much more character to the home. Honey-coloured oak, tropical rosewood or fossil stone, beyond the texture, colour or sheen of a material, it is the laying pattern that will add that unique finish to your floor. Arrange as randomly laid planks or slim parquet tiles, the laying pattern can set the tone for the rest of your interior. Laying patterns offer the posibility to create distinctive flooring designs. With a wide range of laying patterns to choose from, Amtico Signiture allows you to create your own individual floor design. the versatility of Amtico Signature enables you to select wood, stone or abstract products in a laying pattern of you choice.


shimer denim, shimmer metal, patina vapour, patina luna & equator wave in herringbone pleat design       graphite slate in random plank xtra pattern               

If you think of a room as a piece of artwork, a border on your floor is the frame. When pulling a scheme together, the simplicity of a slim line or a bold art deco pattern adds interest. Perfect for defining areas in a free-flowing space or sharpening up the aesthetics of a lounge. Choose your border, select your Amtico Signature product and bring your floor to life.


slate noire & composite calcium in check border laying pattern with bangkok pipping & elipse grand border american oak in herringbone laying pattern with american oak and gold art deco border and corners


get the amtico look with carpetstyle premium amtico dealer